This track is a criticism of when religious extremism leads to the creation of states that adhere to delusional laws and evil practices.


Welcome to the promised land
Where a gun is placed into your hands
Let the blood run thick through the sand
It’s time to make your stand against every woman and man

Cut off the heads of the infidels
Let blood spill over their entrails
Like ink over written page
Used to spread the word of a new age

Your so called salvation
Will be the damnation
Of your falsely created nation
Built upon burning foundations

Their serpent tongue of lies
Veiled behind masks they hide

In heaven there is no relief
Just a hole in the ground, your bodies buried deep
And for infecting lives with hatred and grief
I pray the earth your soul to keep

Their serpent tongue of lies
Veiled behind masks they hide

Upon the bones of the innocent, they have laid
Laid down the roots for their temple of decay


from Imperative Decreation, released August 17, 2015



all rights reserved


Imperative Decreation Lancaster, UK

Imperative Decreation formed late 2013 in Lancaster, UK. Following the release of the full length, the band has decided to discontinue due to other commitments; musically and otherwise.

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